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Re[2]: tondar-adi-podi azhwAr
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 06:10:36 PDT

                         Srimathe Narayanaya Namaha

      On 8/2/98 4:56 PM Sri Dileepan  wrote :

     " All this may be little too much for the Kanchivaasees to bear.
     After all it is Kanchi DhEvaathidhEvan who nurtured Sri Ramanuja and
     gave Him up to Thiruvarangan
     to enjoy.  They may also point out that it is at the feet of
     PEraruLaaLan that our Swami Sri Desikan performed prapatti both in

     (Adaikkapalpaththu: aththigiri aruLaaLarkku adaikkalam naan
     pugundhEnE.) , and

     in Sanskrit:

     (Nyasa Vimsathi: "nyasya thvath paadha padhmE Varada nijabharam,
     nirbharO, nirbhayOsmi").

     Don't you think rivalry of this kind is enjoyable."

     With reference to Sri Dileepan's note on the above subject, I would
     further like to clarify the following,

     It is very much true that Nammazhvar, as he did prapatti to
     Thiruvengadamudaiyan, shall be considered as the lotus feet of
     Thiruvengadamudaiyan. But one cannot refute the fact that Thirupathi
     is considered second only in line up to Thiruvarangam. As such the
     count may be equal considering that Madhurakavi Azhwar sang in praise
     of only Satakopan and hence he has sung in praise of
     Thiruvengadamudaiyan. However the direct count which does matter a lot
     is down by one when Srirangam and Thirupati is considered.

     Well I believe this type of rivalry is really enjoyable particularly
     about the point about the Kanchivasees that Sri Dileepan has referred.
     A good one indeed. But I quoted the reference to the Thirupathi Divya
     Desam only as a follow up to show that how much our Thondar-adi-podi
     azhwar was in love with ONLY Thiruvarangam and not even to any other
     swaroopam of Sriman Narayanan.

     Now I do agree that we Kanchivasees are really unfortunate that our
     DevaperumAL is always a point of argument and it is three fold.

     1. Some say that there are a total of 7 verses sung in praise of Thiru
     Atthiyur they are (a) 6-10-4 of Peria Thirumozhi ("kallar madhiL soozh
     KACCHI nagaruL...") , (b) verse 19 of Thirukurunthaandagam ("..KACCHI
     per mallai enru..") , (c) verse 9 of Thirunedunthaandagam ("..madhiL
     KACCHI ooraai..")   , (d) verse 15 of Thirunedunthaandagam
     ("..kalluyarnda nedu madhiL soozh KACCHI.."), (e) verse 95 of ErandAm
     Thiruvandaadhi ("..ulagEthum AzhiyAn ATTHIYURAN"), (f) verse 96 of
     ErandAm Thiruvandaadhi ("ATTHIYURAN puLLai oorvAn..") and (g) verse 26
     of MoonrAm Thiruvandaadhi (".. niraindha seer neeL KACCHI uLLum ...")

     2. Some argue that there are only two pasurams for DevaperumaL and those
     two are the ones in the ErandAm Thiruvandaadhi as indicated above.

     3. The third argument, the most unfortunate one is that DevaperumaL
     Sannidhi at Kanchipuram is not a DivyadEsam at all for the reason that the
     Azhwars have sung only in praise of Atthi Varadar who is now in Sayanam in
     the ThirukkuLam. Since the Moolavar in the Sannidhi is not sung by AzhwArs,
     this is not a DivyadEsam at all. I would discard it as an argument of those
     who are jealous of Kanchipuram attaining the Third Rank in the DivyadEsam
     lineup with very lesser number of paasurams.

     I am only citing the type of arguments that are going on about this
     DivyadEsam. Also to this date no body including we Kanchivasees have given
     a convincing counter argument for the ones listed at (2) and (3) above.

     Would like to have further comments on the above from all the members on
     whether this kind on rivalry is enjoyable considering the fact that this is
     to be taken in a lighter vein.

     Sri Perundevi Thayar samEtha Sri DevaperumaL thiruvadigaLe saranam.

     adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh