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Dear members!

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Sat Aug 01 1998 - 03:54:33 PDT

Dear Bhagavathas,
   en paNivAna namaskAram.

   Some of you may have glanced at some doubts I had posed
in my earlier few posts. I am sure rest of the bhagavathas 
may have shunned those posts as some pidhatRal.

I would like to re-post a doubt here in this mail and
request learned members like Sri Sadagopan, Sri Anbil, Sri
Mani, Sri M.K.Krishnaswami, Sri Rengarajan, Sri Sudarsan,
Sri S.Krishnaswamy, Sri Anand K. and others whose erudition I 
am not acquainted to, to share their wisdom on these matters.

With regard to sacrifices made over yag~na agni:
 Is not agni an inert component of this prakriti? How can
it have likes and dislikes?! What actual philosophy lies behind 
this presumption that agni likes meat etc.?