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Date: Tue Aug 26 1997 - 11:05:46 PDT

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

Thanks to Mr. Sadagopan for his very informative posting on the Charama
Sloka Surukku.  I really enjoyed reading it as I am in the process of
intensifying my education on this most vital topic for Sri Vaishnavas.  I
think the idea of starting a new journal on SaranAgati will  fill a great
need for disseminating proper information on Prapatti and to expound its
philosophy .  I would consider any involvement in this project as Bhagavat
Kaimkaryam and I will look forward to it.

Recently there was a discussion with some of the members of the Dwaita List
about Prapatti.  Once again Shri Sadagopan's input into the discussions
were extremely enlightening.  In my own mind I have one point unanswered
though.  I was wondering whether there is any reference to Saranagathy in
Brahma Sutras.  I understand that Nyasa Vidya is one among the 32 Vidyas
described in the Brahma Sutras.  Does this vidya directly relate to
Prapatti.  In short, is there a strong  vedantic basis for Prapatti or is
it based mainly on PancharAtra and Alwar's works.  Personally, I wouldn't
worry whether Prapatti has support from Upanishads etc., However, I would
appreciate your views on this.  Thanks.