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Date: Tue Aug 26 1997 - 06:34:09 PDT

Dear Friends,

In this post, I shall summarize the third set of twelve verses from 
Swami Desikan's Subashita Nivi. This section deals with the ways of the 

1. The wicked concentrate on others even as Yogis steadfastly contemplate
on the Supreme Brahman, unmindful of their own people and surroundings. 
But Yogis renounce the world, their nearest and dearest and enjoy a 
tranquil mind, whereas the wicked do not.

2. The wicked are slefish to the core and will not hesitate to betray and
break away from true friends, flout human values, disobey elders and 
show utter lack of discipline. 

3. The black hearted and evil-minded men make friends easily, speak softly
and smilingly to them, even lend money as if to help, but their real 
purpose is ti injure these frinds.

4. Though born in high society (mountains), the wicked turn and meander 
(like rivers), gloss over deficiencies (valleys) abd flush out virtues 
(hig lands), befriend enemies and cause harm to friends.

5. The wicked who win power, position and wealth through evil means, when 
criticized by society for their wrong actions, find fault with even 
unconcerned people, crossing the limits of decency.

6. Society will not be easily deceived by a person masquerading as a saint
and concealing his true nature and pedigree.

7. Donning the robes of celibates, persons indulging in sensuality in
secret, are impure by nature and will soon fall-out among themselves 
like monkeys.

8. Society will not tolerate failure to punish or chastise, hypocrisy and
deceit, at the right time by persons who have the authority to do so.

9. Association of any kind with wicked men who have compassed the ruin of
others for no reason, and who are praised by the lowly and reviled by
their victims, will certainly lead to total destruction.

10. Scandal mongering is cowardly and dangerous to social stability. It is 
like a two-tongued serpent which should be checked at the very outset.

11. Those blessed with good character, wealth and divine grace will shun 
any form of association with wicked persons, however learned and eminent
they may be, for they pose, through their sycophancy, lack of moral
standards and quarrelsomeness, a deadly danger to society.

12. Wicked men do not help the deserving poor who seek alms or water to
quench their thirst. They will not change their nature even if punished,
but will cringe before their superiors.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy