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RE: Panel Discussion

From: M.K.Sudarshan (
Date: Thu Aug 21 1997 - 13:28:52 PDT

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What ever we
do to this day in terms of vaithika kramam is based on this work.=20
That's exactly the point I'm trying to make !!

The key words you have used are "in terms of vaidika kramam" !!

The situation I was describing was one where we find living in strict =
"vaidika kramam" next to impossible ! How many of us can boldy and truly =
claim our life-styles comply with "vaidika-kramam"?

So what I want
to try to bring is that  Srivaishnavism has quick fixes and it is wise =
for us to
find out about that instead of ruling out the possibility.=20
Agree, I don't rule out the possibility that we can have "quick-fixes" =
to your "vaidika-kramam" .... only, by their inherent nature, =
quick-fixes can be termed neither "vaidika" nor "kramam" !  If we all =
spend our lives looking for "quick-fixes" who will come out with real =
"solutions" ?=20
About 15 or 20 years
back,  Sri U Ve  PB Annangrachar Swami was interviewed in All India =
Radio and
one of the questions was how can we follow all the relegious duties in =
the midst
of modern day's  challlenges. His reply was "Every morning have shower =
and stand
in front of your God and chant=20
'Chittran Chirugale'  and 'Vangat Kadal Kadainthaintha Madhavanai'  =
(just these
2 pasurams)  that is it "=20
This was advocated by the Swami as the bare minimum a Srivaishnavite =
could do
and still could  be guilt free. Over and above this what you do is kind =
optional.  I thought this was wonderful.=20

I don't know in what exact context the most revered Sri.PBA Swami made =
the statement. So I dare not comment on it. I do not consider myself =
competent to react to statments made by such "mahAns". Let's not drag =
such great people into our informal drawing room conversations.
But if such a statement is to be made by anyone other than such =
"mahAn-s" I am afraid I would disagree wholly with it. In my opinion it =
would amount to a gross simplification of our traditions. It's like =
reducing everything in SriVaishnavism to a nice, well-rounded, =
comfortable formula ! It's nice and simple, no doubt, like all =
formulations are !=20
.  =20
=3D=3D   At a purely philosophical level, SriVaishnavism thus can only =
offer us=20
=3D=3D insights into "bhAgavath-dharma" a subject which only minds of a =
=3D=3D spiritual or philosophical bent can understand and relish.=20

=3D=3DRamanuja's SriVaishnavism was not meant for "lOka-dharmA" but for=20
=3D=3D"bhAgavata-dharmA" -- the "dharma" of those who have ceased to =
search for=20
=3D=3Dsuch things in life as "life-style", "1000 ways to win friends", =
"how to be=20
=3D=3Da productive manager or great husband" etc. Ramanuja's Vaishnavism =
was meant=20
=3D=3Dfor those who have learnt to look beyond the "practicality" of =
life and have=20
=3D=3Dinstead begun the long search for the "Life they have all lost in =
living" !=20

This are simply  not true since in the work "NITYAM"  Sri Ramanujar has =
prescribed what an ordinary mind should do and what a spiritual mind =
could do
different. =20

I agree with you. But  the problem is we live in an age where the source =
of much unhappiness for people is their "ordinariness"! It is then that =
the "ordinary" soul wanting to turn spritual succumbs to the temptation =
of quick-fixes and formulations !
It is really boils down to change and adaptation. =20

I agree. But first should I not know deeply everyting there is to know =
about my religion and tradition and "vaidika kramam" before I start =
looking for change & quick-fixes=20

"Dont end it -  Mend it" =20
  So by doing this it will not
become "We are only fooling ourselves "  that is also not right. =20
Muralli Vanamamalai=20
 By all means "mend it", my good friend, but make sure you don't "dent =
it" in the process !
[Mr M.K SUDARSHAN] =00=00