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UpadEsam : Pilgrimage II

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 21 1997 - 08:27:14 PDT

Dear AchAryAbhimAnis : 

What a splendid experience it was to read the posting 
of Sri Dileepan . The great compassion and the clear-sighted 
upadesam of one of the great souls (  45 th AhObial Mutt Jeeyar ,
H.H. Sri NaarAyaNa YathiswarAL )  is a message that can be read 
every day of one's life . It is so very thoughtful of Sri Dileepan
to share this exquisitely sublime message that he  received 
at the time of the most sacred observance of SaraNAgathi .
PrapannAs like Sri Dileepan , Sri RengarAjan and Sri KalalE,
Sri Anbil SwamigaL , Sri Jaganaathan and others like them 
in this Bhakthi list are truly souls , 
who have attained Janma chApalyam and 
have become krutha krithyAs . They have performed 
Prapatthi  and have drawn closer to SaraNyan through the grace 
odf their AchAryAs . For Sri KalalE to be blessed with 
the performance of Gayathri Japam at HrishikEsam in front of 
the Aaradhana Murthys of the AhObila Matam jeeyars is 
the rarest of rare bhaagyams that can befall one ! 
I feel truly blessed to be in their company .

Daasan ,