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Re: Pilgrimage - II: Upadesam

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Thu Aug 21 1997 - 06:26:06 PDT

>I enjoyed this article.  I did have the anugraham of our 45th jeer recently 
>who was kind enough to give me upadesam  of  Bhutasuddhi krama at Rishikesh 
>stalam,  which I visited two days back.  It was an unique opportunity for 
>me to gayathri japam 1008 times in front of Sri Lakshminrisimhan deity and 
>of course the other dieties of Krishna etc. who accompany our Malola 
>Nrsimhar (archamurthy).  Our acharya had hours to spend with me since only 
>one other family visited him that day.  I will write about some upadesams 

You are indeed blessed.  It is told that if you do the srI mahA gAyathri
japam at home, you receive one palan.If you do it on a riverside, you
obtain 10 times the palan.  If you do it on a seashore you receive 100
times the palan, and if you do it in a kOvil in front of the Lord your
palan is infinite.

You have had the bAghyam of doing it in a puNya sthalam - hrishIkEsh, in
front of srI mAlOlan, in the presence of your paramAchAryan.  You are
indeed blessed!


rAja krishNasAmy