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Tulasi Plant and Flowering plants for Bahgvadh AarAdhanam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Aug 18 1997 - 12:26:39 PDT

Dear Friends :

The grandson of a great AchAryA has arrived in 
Connecticut to pursue his graduate studies .
He has brought with him , the perumAL worshipped
by his grandfather . He needs Tulasi and Gundu Mullai 
or Jasmine plants to use as offerings in his daily
aarAdhanam . He is also looking for uthiri poo
( flowers used to make garlands at the Hindu temples )
I recall Sri Vijay Srinivasan mentioned
Logis Nursery in Connecticut as a place for obtaining 
these plants . I could not find the telephone number of 
Logis Nursery .

Would any body in our group know , where one can 
get Tulasi plants and jasmine for use in daily aarAdhanam ? 
I shall be most grateful for your help .

I got my supplyfrom New Jersey Indian Ladies Association .
But , I thought some of you might have some suggestions .

Thanks , V.Sadagopan