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Krishna Jayanthi

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Aug 18 1997 - 08:09:41 PDT

Dear Sri Rangarajan and Fellow Members of 
the Bhakthi group :

August 25  , KrishNa paksham Ashtami with 47.49
nAzhigai of Ashtami is the chosen date for 
the celebration of Sri jayanthi by Munithrayam 
SampradhAyam and by extension  , if I am correct
( Mr.Sundararajan of Tennesse can comment on this)
for the Srirangam Koil PaancharAthram tradition .
Nakshathram is Kritthigai ( 28.7)on August 25 .

Tuesday , August 26 with restof the ashtami and
with Navami for 45.54 nAzhigais is the elected
day for the celebration of Sri jayanthi by 
AhObila Matam and probably by VaighAnasa agamA
observant temples such as ThiruviNNagar ( Oppiliappan
Koil ) . The reason is that the birth of Sri krishNA
is around  midnight and therefore the very end of 
Ashtami , when RohiNI star is dominant ( 27.41 ) 
is in ascendance .

Sri Jayanthi is associated with the combination 
of RohiNI constellation with KrishNa paksha Ashtami.
Hence I am comfortable with the celebration on Aug 26 .
Further , there should not be even a second of Sapthami
on the day of Sri Jayanthi .If suddhAshtami is not
possible , One should celebrate Sri Jayanthi on
Navami day with Suddha RohiNi . If that is not possible ,
then the dasami day with Mrugaseersha Nakshathram 
is the next choice among dates .
The tradition of great souls is that to fast on 
this day , perform Visesha AarAdhanam with special 
sankalpam during the vrushabha lagnam at night and 
at the end of the aarAdhana uthsavam brak fast .
It is the only time , when night paarayaNai is
permitted . For those , who can not observe such 
a rigor , the partaking of food after chandrOdhayam is 
recommended .Isvara Samhithai is the source of this 
ruling . 

There are similar prescribtions for the determination 
of date for SravaNa dvAdasi and Sri Rama Navami .  

Sri Rama navami is celebratd in the chaithra Maasam ,
Navami and Punarvasu Nakshathram .Chaithram follows
the chAndra Maasa tradition . Therefore , sukla Paksha
navami has to be taken as the date for Sri RamA jayanthi .
Chaithra Maasam in the chAdrAyana tradition may come 
in panguni ( Meena Maasam ) or Chitthirai ( Mesha maasam ) .
The key clue is the chaithra Suddha Navami according to 
Prapanna Jayanthi NirNayaM .During Kadaka Lagnam on
Chaithra Suddha Navami , aarAdhanai with special
sankalpam should be performed and the paaraNai 
shuld be completed thereafter . 

Another point to bear in mind regarding KrishNa and
Raama Jayanthi is that these two Jayanthis are celebrated
on the basis of Nakshathram , where as the other
Jayanthis such as Matsya, Koorma et al are fixed 
on the basis of thithis .

Sri Narasimha Jayanthi is to be celebrated on
VaikAsi maasam Sukla Paksha Chathurdhasi and 
the Visesha aarAdahanam for BhagavAn is performed 
during PradhOsham ( before surYasthamanam ) . SandhyA 
worship follows thereafter . Srirangam , Kaanchi
and other paancharAthrAlayams observe it on 
SowramAna path and elsewhere in chAndramAna tradition .

The tradition set by every achArya tradition is to
be followed in general .

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Dear Bhakthas,

A Calendar was put in this newsgroup a few months ago for this year.

According to this, Krishna Jayanthi is on 25 and 26 August.  Can someone
clarify when Pancharathra Koil Janmashtami is?  Also can someone tell us
all about how to calculate such dates like Rama Navami, Krishna Jayanthi,
Deepavali etc?