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small clarification

From: Srikanth Hemmige (
Date: Sun Aug 10 1997 - 21:43:11 PDT

My SAshtAnga namaskArams to all BhAgavatAls.  My name is srikanth.I have 
already introduced myself.    I am asking this question out of 
curiosity.If it has already been asked earlier,please pardon me.    Why 
is there an apparent contradiction between "karmaNye vAdhikArathe....."  
and "sarvadharmAn parithyajya..." ?    also in the RAmAyana, Sri Rama 
says that it is the duty of every individual to perform "pithru VAkya 
paripalana".  In that case why did't Prahlada follow the same with his 
father?    I am asking these out of sheer curiosity and nothing else.    
adiEn,  Srikanth.

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