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bhUvarAhAchArya svAmi

From: usdeiva (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 17:44:48 PDT

Many thanks to Sri Krishna Kalale for introducing SrI iLaiyavilli
bhUvarAhAchArya svAmi to the 'bhakti list'.  May I supplement Krishna's
note with my own tribute?

As a savant of the 'sampradAyam', the svAmi has the best of pedigrees,
and none of them wasted.  It is awesome that one should have all of the
excellences flowing from the 'sampradAyam', viz., nativity of
AzhvAr-tirunagari; birth in a pUrvAchArya family;  a teaching career in
Sanskrit; the most enviable of all, having a devoted audience (in  that
splendid city of Bangalore) for his continuing discourses.

The upanishad recommends that when one prays to have a male offspring,
one should wish for a son 'who will recite the vEda after me' (yO vEdAn
mAm anubravIta).  It is a well-known incident of history that the
progeny of great men merely come into their progenitor's property,  and
rarely care to inherit their parents' intellectual or artistic or
spiritual legacy.   It is a matter of namperumAL's grace that our
svAmi's son, chiranjIvi SaThakOpan, has eagerly received his father's
spiritual equipment;  he lives in Srirangam and, despite being a very
senior Accounts executive in a well-known group, has remained an
unfailing member of namperumAL 'adhyApaka gOshThI'.   

I happen to have made SaThakOpan's valuable acquaintance after my
retirement and return to Srirangam;  I trust I'd be able to renew my
acquaintance with bhUvarAhAchArya svAmi who was a year senior to me in
the Srirangam High School.

aDiyEn rAmAnujadAsan T.S. Sundara Rajan.