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Namaskarams to Bhagavathothamas.

From: Keshav Rajagopalan (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 17:15:50 PDT

> From: Keshav Rajagopalan <>
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> Subject: Namaskarams to Bhagavathothamas.
> Date: Friday, June 27, 1997 7:11 PM
> Namaskarams,
>        A few days back, I, Keshav Rajagopalan (Keshavan) , got hooked
> this network. I am extremely overwhelmed and thrilled to be associated
> such a kind of environment through the internet. 
>        I am from Bangalore and from an orthodox family. I was given this
> site by my cousin Krishna Kalale who is an active member of this list. I
> have had Bharanyasam and Panchasamskaram in Andavan Ashramam, Srirangam
> from one of the greatest acharyans of anytime His Holiness Srimathe
> Vedantha Ramanuja MahaDesikan also known by the name (Kannan Swamy). 
>        I have completed a part Sri Ramanujacharya's Gita Bhashya from the
> discourse given in Bangalore by my grandfather. But, on my coming over to
> the US, this exercise has come a stand still. 
>        My knowledge is ANU when compared to the knowledge of the
> Bhagavathas. I take this opportunity is conveying my samarpanams to all
> Bhagavatas on this list and also request you to condone me on any kind of
> mistakes I may do.
> Srimathe Vedantha Ramanuja MahaDesikaya Namaha
> Srimathe Nigamantha MahaDesikaya Namaha.
> Keshavan.
> (Keshav Rajagopalan)
> Denver, Colorado-80231.