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Re: nArAyananE, namakkE

From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 14:51:30 PDT

> ie Even if one says that it is logically provable that charanAgathi or
> prapatti
> alone may not yield to moksham, then why  one must expect this '"get"
> moksham
> to us through HIS grace alone"', and why not leave it to HIM and feel
> helpless
> as per the last anga of prapatti and wait for HIS deliverance ? I
> donot know
> the exact verbattum of poorvachariar's vyAkyAnam for this (by the way
> is this
> by Sri PV Pillai  ?).

Yes.. part of the commentary is from Periyavachchaan
Part of it is from aaraayirappadi too - Azhagiya maNavaaLap perumaaL
You are right.. We are helpless. He is the upaayam and the upEyam.

You are also right on when u say 'He Himself' is a better wording then
'He only'.

>   Yes! Agian in the flow of these pasaurams the Lord here means Lord
> Krishna. (It seems this gopiyar or nappinai) is aware ahead of time,
> that
> charama slokam is to be delivered. HE (Lord Krishna) did teach to all
> and those
> gOpiyars as well afterwards through Srimad bagwad Geetha the way
> through  "Mam
> ekAm charaNam vraja" ("Surender to ME ...") at the end. The very fact
> that this
> is at end of Srimad bagwad Geetha is such that this is the *most*
> important
> purushArththam (prapatti) one "may" perform in his life that will lead
> to
> mOksham.

Not to be nitpicking, but when you say 'surrender to me'
is the upaayam, then the whole meaning of prapatti is lost. The
of prapatti is not what leads to mOksham. We have discussed this before
on the list. (pithaavukku putran ezhuththu vaanguaapOlE..)

aazhvaar emperumaanaar jeeyar thiruvadigaLE saranam