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About Prof. Bhuvarahachar

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 11:57:20 PDT

I received this write up written by one of Bhuvarahachar's disciples to
give a background on this esteemed pundit.

Sri Elayavilli Bhuvarahachariar Swami is one of the last of the great
exponents of the
 Bhagavadvishayam divine literature.  Born in Alwar Tirunagari, the birth
place of Swami Nammalwar himself, he has absorbed this literature in the
traditional manner from his father and uncle who were themselves well known
exponents.  He also studied Sanskrit and taught as a professor at St.
Joseph's college both at Trichy and Bangalore.  Even while in service, he
used to devote his mornings andevenings to giving expositions of
Divyaprabhandham.  Now he has settled down in Bangalore and is devoting his
entire time for this purpose.  During the year, he gives daily discourses
on Bhagavadvishayam and the Rahasyam texts.  During the month of margazhi
he is most sought after for his lectures on Thiruppavai.  
His phenomenal memory and ability to speak easily and aparently without
effort in
chaste Tamil with endless quotations from Ramayana, Bhagavatha and other
religious works have amazed and endeared him to all who are fortunate to
hear his lectures.  His greatest strength in this regard is his mastery of
Acharya Hridayam an extremely difficult work by Sri Azhagiya Manavala
Perumal Nayanar,which is an analytical survey of Swami Nammalwar's poems.

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Krishna Kalale