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re: In Pursuit of Reformations

From: Sriram, Manjula V (
Date: Mon Aug 04 1997 - 06:38:34 PDT

Shri Keshava Prasad Garu:

>> It is advantageous sometimes to be somewhat of an odd ball. One will   
>> the focus of attention with little effort. I think that I have earned   
>> position with my remarks, at least that's what it looks like   
considering all the kudos
>> that I am receiving.

Very true, that it is advantageous sometimes to be somewhat of an odd   
ball!! Is it not also true that
as Sri Vaishnavas, we should not try and create any waves?  Some of the   
statements that you have
made in your earlier postings as well as this current posting may be   
true, but I would like to take
a moment and try and explain a point from your earlier posting, and may   
be try and clarify your
an understanding.

In your earlier post, you mentioned something along the lines of saying,   
if everything that is
stated in this forum is from books why not read books and understand from   
them.  After thinking
about that, I started to wonder.. I have a Masters Degree and I am still   
attending school to try and
get a PhD.  I was asking myself .. after reading your post .. when we can   
get everything from book
why should I even attend classes and not miss even a single one ....
Here is what I came up with .. and may be this will help...
Since our young days... our parents have stressed to us the importance of   
attending school ....
My father who was a professor of Civil Engineering always told us three   
(my sister, brother and me)
and all his students, that you may find whatever you need to for the   
class in the book, but I still
stress and recommend that you attend classes.. because the professors   
reaffirm what is in the
books.  They have read this material before .. you will always get   
another point of view.  When you
read the book yourself you will understand it from your own point of   
view, but when the professor is
teaching you something .. he/she will explain it from teaching   

I started school when I was almost 4 and am still studying (even if   
part-time) In my 19 years of
school, I have never read the course text books because I listen to what   
the professors have said.
I have read other books related to the matter, for my research.

The above explanation brings me to the following interpretation:
 " Karmany evaadhikaaras te Ma Phaleshu Kadachana.
 Maa karma-phala-hetur bhur maa te sango stv akarmani".

Your interpretation may be correct, but don't you think that there are   
other interpretations to this
uttamam shloka?  I will try to share my interpretation after reading the   
bhagvad gita and entrusting
Lord Krishna, while I type the following.
In my interpretation: When Arjuna asks Krishna .. After this war pitamah,   
guru drone,
kulguru kripacharya.. they will all be alive right .. for this Krishna   
Arjuna As a Kshatriya .. you do your karma.. don't think about the end   
result, don't think if you
will win the war or lose the war.. All you should do is follow your   
dharma, and leave the results
to me.  Krishna adds to this .. you put your faith in me, and trust me.   
 I am end result.
Coming to how I use the above.. As a student my duty is to work hard and   
study .. and not worry
about the grade.  (I have never).  As a daughter .. respect parents and   
support them.. As a wife
support husband and make sure he is taken care of... I am too young to   
define your dharma ....
We all should work toward "Nishkam Karma".  I devote myself to Sriman   
Narayana and my
family.. what happens after that is Sriman Narayana's choice.

Bhagvad Gita teaches us the way of life and this forum teaches us to   
devote ourselves to
Sriman Narayana ... I am still unable to undertand, why anyone needs to   
convince people.  This
forum is not for sale that we need sales people convincing people to buy   
it.. this forum is a
school where people go by themselves to learn.  No one tried to convince   
me to go to school,
I chose to go because I want to learn and that is how it should be with   
the forum as well.

I am not trying to offend anyone.  The above statements are from my own   
experience and learning.
I am not a master at this, and hence can't quote much.  Hope I made some   

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