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A feedback on the "request for Inputs " on topics to focus

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Aug 03 1997 - 15:18:19 PDT

Dear Fellow BhakthAs : 

I have received now a good cross section of responses 
from more than dozen members . My sincere thanks to every
one of them for providing me  quick and informative feedbacks . 

The recommendations among the two potential topics split 
evenly . Few of you have suggested that I write on both topics in 
a concurrent fashion . It appears therefore that I should write
on both lest I disappoint one or other group of respondees . 

I will write on Mudal AzhwArs & DehaLeesa Sthuthi on 
Sundays and Naama Mahimai on Wednesdays and alternate 
until this kaimkaryam is completed . There will 
therefore be TWO postings per week from me barirng 
any interruptions due to business pressures . 

I will start with the Introduction to DehaLeesa Sthuthi 
as the first posting on the series later today . 

Today is the subha thithi of ADi amAvasai . Last year , I was in India 
for participation in the RathnAngi/Mutthangi Kaimkaryam of 
Sri OpillAappan of ThruviNNagaram . It was a one week trip and in 
the last  day( ADi amAvAsyai day ) , I had the Bhagyam of visiting 
the Divya Desams of  Kanchi VaradarAjan , Thirupputkuzhi 
VijayarAghavan , Thiru -YevvuL Veeraraghavan , Sri PerumbhUthur 
and AhObila matam MaalOlan at KAnchipuram , where 
the AhObila Matam Jeeyar was staying for his chathurmAsyam . 

That ADi amAvasyai day was a blessed one ! In rememberance of that day ,
I will start the  series on " Sri DehaLeesa Sthuthi " of  Swami Desikan 
today and relate it to the three prabhandhams of the Mudal AzhwArs , which
were born on that dark , stromy and night day at the asramam of
Mrugandu maharishi . I am so glad that Sri Sundararajan gave a
timely and beautiful introduction to the Divya desam of Sri DeahaLeesan .
I will also cover the paasurams of Thirumangai on ThirukkOvalUr .

I will draw from the beautiful commentaries of  Sri D.Ramaswamy 
Iyengar (1973 ) and Oppiliappan Koil Sri Rama DesikAchAr  
Swamy on DehaLeesa sthuthi , the commentaries of UtthamUr Swamy 
on the three anthadhis of MudalAzhwArs and Other source literature from 
NaalAyira Divya Prabhandham . One of the members pointed out
appropriately that " there is no Sri VaishNavism without Prabhandham 
and there is not enough on the Divya Prabhandham  in this  forum" .
By the extensive coverage of the AnthAdhis of Poygai , BhuthatthAr and 
PEy AzhwArs , which arose from the "cramping " of the AzhwArs by
the Lord in the dEhaLi of Mrugandu Maharishi's asramam  at 
Thiru-kOvalUr , we can all have the enjoyment of discussions on 
these unique anubhavams of these great souls . We have covered 
ThiruvEzhukUrririkkai , the two madals of Thirumangai , 
limited coverage of ANDAL 's Thiruppavai and selected 
paasages of PeriyAzhwAr earlier .

Sri BhuvarAhAchar's postings on other prabhandhams and 
the planned presentations of another member of this forum on the 
ThiruvEnkatamudayAn's paasurams of Rajarishi KulasEkharar
would provide additional coverage on Prabhandham . It will be wonderful
to have contributions from scholars like Professor VasudhA NaarAyaNan
and other members devoted to Prabhandham to share their anubhavam of 
Bhagavadh Vishayam . There are some difficult Prabhandhams like 
Thirucchanda Viruttham of Thirumazhisai . It will be wonderful to have 
the scholarly postings of Professor BhuvarAhAchAr , Sriman Anbil
Ramaswamy an Sriman Sundararajan , Sri S.Rengarajan ,
Sri Dileepan and other knowledgable members  on this 
and other prabhandhams of our AzhwArs . 

Today is also the day of PathinettAm Perukku of CauvEri
river . With foam and froth and with her mangalAsAsanam of 
the ArchA murthis of the Divya Desams on her banks , she 
rushes majestically  to meet her Lord  , Samudra Raajan . 
May we have the bountiful feast of the chithrAnnams of 
the AzhwArs for our spiritual feast with renewed focus 
on the NaalAyira Divya Prabhandhams and the commentaries 
on them by our purvAchAryAs . 

" mathiL kOval idaikazhi aayan " thiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan