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ANDAL ~~ Appeal

From: usdeiva (
Date: Sat Aug 02 1997 - 11:39:08 PDT

I am glad to share the following with the friends of 'bhakti list'

aDiyEn rAmAnujadAsan, T.S. Sundara Rajan.


Subject:  'nitya-trikAla-tiruvArAdhanam'
   Date:  Sat, 02 Aug 1997 13:01:24 -0500
   From:  usdeiva <>
     To:  Ramanujam MK <>
Ramanujam MK wrote:
> I wish to contribute for Andal's sevai. 
  Is it possible for you to give the concerned swami's 
  phone number in Chennai.
> Regards,  Ramanujam MK.

Dear Sri Ramanujam Svamin,

Hereunder the information:-

          Sri R. Kannan Swamy,                 Phone: 044-5371861
          Trustee, Sri Andal Charitable Trust,        -----------
          91 Tulasingam Street, Peramboor,
          Chennai-600 011.

The contribution is, however, to be sent favouring the Trust only.

It is not without significance that the first person responding to the
Appeal for 'ANDAL sannidhi kainkaryam' should bear the name Ramanujam.
Thank you.

aDiyEn rAmAnujadAsan, T.S. Sundara Rajan.