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Prof Bhuvarahachariar
Date: Fri Aug 01 1997 - 10:52:06 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha :

Prof. Bhuvarahachariar  is some how related to my mom used to and visis us at 
Madras. He is from Alwar Thirunagari, the birth place of Sri Nammalwar and is
the Head of Sanskrit Dept in St. Joseph's College, Bangalore. He holds the
Ellayavalli Swami pattam. He used to be a close associate or adiyar of Swami Sri
PBA, Kanchi.  He had regularly given discourses  on Thiruppavai and used to
write in Geethacharyan -  He is  a very nice un assuming and simple person who
is very easily accessible. 
Even though   I used to be very young he would keep conversing very well coming
down to my level.  

I dont know how to write more about him.  

I would be really happy if we can get this Swami's teachings. 

Murali Vanamamalai