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Thirupoovanur Sri Ramar Temple

From: R. Skrintha (
Date: Sat Aug 02 1997 - 11:13:09 PDT

 Dear Bhagavatha-s,

 On July 24,  I came across this notice in the Hindu. I think it is my
duty to mention it here.

 Hari Om,


                    || SRI RAMA JAYAM ||


  Thirupovanur, also known as Punnagavankshetram, is on the banks
of the river Pamini between Needamangalam and Mannargudi, in Tanjore.
Here lies an ancient shrine, dedicated to Lord Varadaraja, with an
unknown origin. This place is hallowed by the worship of Jatayu, sage
Markandeya and other sages. About 500 years ago the saint-composer
Bodendra Swamigal had a divine vision of Lord Rama and on His 
instructions unearthed a beautiful statue of the God, his consort 
Sri Sita and Sri Lakshmana and installed the deity. The presiding
deity has showered His grace on His devotees. After consectration 
of Lord Rama by sage Bodendra, the temple came to be known as 
Poovanur Sri Ramar Temple. The shrine is quite unique to prove the
oneness of Shiva and Vishnu. It also houses Lord Muneeswara.

  The temple was patronized by Tanjore Maratha kings. The utsava
idols were donated by the queen and the original idols can be
found at the Sri Rama Temple.

 The temple now needs urgent renovation. The state government has
shown interest in renovating this temple. As this involves a huge
expenditure we need your assistence for this noble cause.

 To undertake this activity, a association has been formed with
Nataka Kavalar R. S. Manohar as the chairperson under the aegis
of Ramanjaneya Bhakta Samajam. Send in your donations to...

                 c/o R. S. Manohar
                 76, Sriram Colony
                    Chennai- 600 018