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Re: Article from Bhuvarahacharya swamy

From: Varadarajan Govindarajan (
Date: Fri Aug 01 1997 - 10:03:46 PDT

It was a great pleasure to read the article on
Godha Pirati by Sri. U.Ve. Bhuvarahacharya swamy. 

When I lived in Bangalore (before Sep. 94) along
with my parents, on many occassions, I have had
the great bhAgyam of attending Ubhanyasams by Sri.
U.Ve. Bhuvarahacharya swamy on various topics
including Tiruppavai, at Sri.Rama bhajana Sabha,
and Sri. Gopla Krishna Swamy Temple in
Malleswaram, Bangalore. 
Besides these ubhanyasams my parents also attend
kalakshebams on Mumukshupadi and Acharya Hrudhayam
by this mahan. He is a close family friend of ours

Sri. U.Ve. Bhuvarahacharya swamy is a very learned
person and is very much known for his lucid style
of explaning even the hard-to-understand topics. 

Our group which is currently blessed with highly
learned people like Sri. Sadagopan, Sri. Anbil
Ramaswamy, Sri. Sudharshan, Sri.  Muralidhar
Rangaswamy (just to mention a few names) would be
even more blessed if we could get to read articles
by Sri. U.Ve. Bhuvarahacharya swamy. 

So, as Mohan Sagar, says in one of his earlier
mails, I am also sure that we will gain much from
Sri Bhuvaracharya swami's articles. 


Govindarajan Varadarajan
Dept. of Computing and Info. Science,
Queens University
Kingston, Canada - K7L 3N6