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Thirunakshatram of 44th Jeer of Ahobilamutt

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Aug 29 1995 - 10:20:26 PDT

Today happens to be the 100th year thirunakshatram of the 44th jeer of 
Ahobila mutt.  His tanian is as follows:

Sri ranganatha shatagopa yateedra drishtam
Lakshmi nrisimha shatajit karunaika paatram
Sri rangaveera raghuraat shatagopa hridyam
Vedanta desika yateendram aham prapadye

Sreematha Sreevan Shatagopa Sri Vedanta desika yateendra maha desikaya namaha

I had samasrayanam and bharanyasam under this illustrious teacher, about 

25 years back.  Today at Ranganatha seva samithi, NY, there was paaduka aradhana
done authentically as per shastras.  

44th jeer was an erudite scholar in addition to being a powerful personality
who was responsible for building the Raja Gopuram of srirangam. I have a book
written by him - this is the essence of sribhasyam of Ramanuja in the form
of a sanskrit sloka.  It seems that he had mastered bramhasutras.  Today I was
listening to one of his lectures - via cassette player.  This lecture indicated
his precision and mastery of various issues of shastras.  I think he lived 
until the ripe age of 97 and he was an acharya of ahobilamutt for the last 
40 years or so.  I have a short biography of this acharya which are of about 
5 pages and a larger article which is about 20 pages.  I will try to make
copies of them and try to make it available for others who are interested.`
It seems that this acharya established the madurantakam school of scriptural
studies.  45th jeer recently revived that school with additional funding.
Today in srirangam ahobila mutt there will be a big celebration in memory 
of this great acharya.

With profound respects to my Acharya - 44 th jeer

shreemathe shreevan shatagopa yateendra maha desikaya namaha