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RE:ninRan, Irundaan etc.
Date: Mon Aug 28 1995 - 07:58:01 PDT

Dileepan said:

>>Jayalalitha, the unchallenged leader of ADMK,
>>the party owing direct allegiance to such great
>>"rationalist" leaders as C.N.Annadurai and
>>E.V.Ramasamy Naiker, J. Jayalalitha is the best thing
>>that has happened to temples in Tamilnadu in a long
>>while.  Many of the temples I visited are undergoing
>>major repairs and reconstruction.  One such temple is
>>Thirun^eermalai near Pallaavaram in Madras.

Dileepan, thanks for such a picturesque description of Thiru Neer Malai. I had
heard that Jayalaitha had taken initiative to renew Temples in TN which were
ignored by 
such great "rationalist" leaders such as C.N.Annadurai and E.V.Ramasamy 
Of course Mr. Naiker did not have interest,  resource or the time for such
undertakings. Most of his undertakings were to burn Lord RamaUs effigy , cut
PooNools from the neck of Brahmins, hate Brahmins,  and irritate Brahmins. The
90%+ reservations we have inherited in TN and Karnataka are the product of the
works of these rationalist leaders. I am not totally against their actions,
after all the pendulum has to swing before it rests (hopefully at a rational
position) . In other words they 
swung the society from one irrationality to the other.  When Anna Dorai passed
away, just to visit his body , hundreds crowded on the top of a train from
Bangalore to Madaras and many perished when they jammed against underpasses. I
am not sure whether such tragedies happened even during GandhiUs death. So the
RATIONALITY you are ascribing to these leaders or their followers never was!

K. Sreekrishna.