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SingavEL kunRam

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Fri Aug 25 1995 - 10:01:04 PDT

K. Srinivasan said:

>Very interesting and informative posting about the trip. I suggest that
>we collect each of these (you can add more details about the fares
>etc. Time it took. What you would have prefered to improve
>on your next visit etc. Walking time and distance. Availability of
>food, stay etc..etc...}

      Few more details:

          1) The deluxe bus fare is Rs. 102 one way to Allagadda.
             The distance from Madras is about 425 KM.  From Allagadda
             to aHObilam is about 30 KM.  We paid Rs. 350 for the
             taxi for 1-day.  From Allagadda to aHObilam, in and around
             aHObilam, and back to Allagadda would have been about 100 KM.

          2) There is a huge hall at the aHObila madam.  One could
             spend a night there with some help from Tortoise coil or
             Odomoss (sp?) cream.  Ceiling fans are available.
             Modern toilet facilities with running water,
             both hot and cold, are available.

          3) The family looking after the madam offerred us food.
             For one or two people the family may oblige.  Suitable
             sambaavanai may be offered.  For larger groups I believe
             there are other alternatives that I am not sure.

          4) Bus service is available from keezhaHObilam to mElaHObilam.
             The distance must be about 7/8 KM, no more.

          5) We started out of the aHObila narasimHar shrine, the
             one in the hills that can be reached by road, at about
             10:00 a.m.  We returned at 2:30 p.m. after Jvaalaa, Ugra
             maalOla, yOganandha, and one more.  Total distance hiked
             must be about 8 KM.  All other shrines we visited were
             in and around the general area and did not require any
             hiking.  Since we had a taxi and the bhattar came along
             with us we were able to get to these shrines without any
             problem.  Some of these are off the main road with bushes
             all around.  Only knoweledgeable people know the exact
             spots.  Do not rely on taxi drivers, they have no clue.
             We visited all the shrines except Bhargava and
             paanala.  We needed a second day for these two, but
             my chithappa was too tired for a second day of climbing.
             To cover all the shrines you will definitely need 2 days.
             Note that among the nine shrines only at aHObila shrine
             we have nithya aaradhanai with theertham and sadaari.
             At all other shrines we are on our own, no priests that is.
             One more thing, all these shrines have just moolavar.
             All the uthsava moorthis are at keezhaHObilam.

-- Dileepan