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Date: Fri Aug 25 1995 - 07:59:44 PDT

SUndar said:
>>Let us do remember what the purusha sookta says :

>>" yagnyena yagnyam ayajanta deva - taani dharmaani prathamaani aasa"

>>By sacrifice, the Gods sacrificed, TO sacrifice - these were the First 

>>This is the importance of sacrifice to ANY system based on the Vedas. This
>>is the glory , the path of " poorve  saadhyaah:" - those who went before us,
>>the great achievers.

>>Denigrating their ways as " beastly " doesn't quite seem right to me.

I truely apologize for my mistake in expressing my thoughts. What I meant to
 say is 
the BEAST RELATED THINGS have been replaced with spiritual things such as 
Shraddha. I wrongly used the word BEASTLY to indicate BEAST RELATED THINGS.
My apologies are to Saadhyaahs as well as Mareechi.

I personally consider "Yagnena Yagnam......" of Purusha Suktam as one of
the greatest products of the Hindu mind. No wonder, this mantra is part of all 
ceremonies. It reminds us that DHARMA is not some blind-sentiment, but truely 
is the basis of life itself. I can write pages on that.
Suffice to say the popular lines of 
Purandara Dasaru, which is the sense translation of the Yagnena Yagna of 
P.Suktam into Kannada:

Kereya neeranu kerege chelli
varava padedavarante kaniro
Hariya karuneyolada bhagyava
Hari samarpane madi badukiro

Offer the water of the pond(river) back to the pond
and feel blessed
Lead your life by  submitting to Hari all the wealth
which we have obtained out of Hari's grace.