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Re: SingavEL kunRam

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Aug 25 1995 - 06:35:17 PDT

>(aside: some of the native Dravidian worship practises
>are amazingly primitive and shocking even now.  There was
>a detailed report in 'The Hindu' about 6 months back
>about animal sacrifice to the village goddess 'Laxmi'
>(not to be confused with Sri or Lakshmi, the divine
>consort of vishnu) in the Andhra region. Men, intoxicated
>with alcohol and driven to a frenzy by all the
>accompanying drum beats literally bite off the jaws of
>young lamb cubs and offer the meat and blood to the
>village deities.  Similar sacrifices are performed in
>thamizh naadu villages too.)

If one bases "native Dravidian" as "thiruvaLLuvar based culture",
I would personally rather call what you call as "native Dravidian" as
"native munda" culture.

thiruvaLLuvar condemns meat eating and meat offering to God
in very strong words. pari mEl azhagar interprets thirukkuraL
as a vaishnavite work. Others have interpreted as Jainist, Saivite,
and Christian works!

Srinivasan K.