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SingavEL kunRam

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Aug 25 1995 - 06:25:36 PDT

>Date:         Wed, 23 Aug 95 21:45:18 EDT
>From: Parthasarati Dileepan <MFPD@UTCVM.UTC.EDU>
>Subject:      SingavEL kunRam

Very interesting and informative posting about the trip. I suggest that
we collect each of these (you can add more details about the fares
etc. Time it took. What you would have prefered to improve
on your next visit etc. Walking time and distance. Availability of
food, stay etc..etc...}

>According to its dharmam the angry lion kills the
>innocent elephant.  From the carcass, the lion then offers
>the most precious part, i.e. ivory, to the Lord.
>If ones tradition involves meat eating, like that of the
>noble senjees, don't they have the right to make ritual
>offering of meat to our Lord?

My opinion is "Certainly yes",
- if you still live with the same environment as of 1000 years ago.
- if the animals still have the same status as 1000 years ago.
- if you deny yourself of all the other changes in food and daily
  routine changes.

Otherwise, I do not see anything wrong in asking the "senjees"
to modernize and adapt to the current environment.

The northern natives often ask for compensation for losing the
hunting rights. Then after getting a settlement of few million dollars,
they invest in gambling casinos. Go to McDonalds and eat Hamburgers!.

Srinivasan K