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Meat offerings
Date: Thu Aug 24 1995 - 08:10:29 PDT

Dileepan said:

>According to its dharmam the angry lion kills the
>innocent elephant.  From the carcass, the lion then offers
>the most precious part, i.e. ivory, to the Lord.

>If ones tradition involves meat eating, like that of the
>noble senjees, don't they have the right to make ritual
>offering of meat to our Lord?

I guess, it is okay but unnecessary. As the Lord says in the Gita,
Patram, Pushpam, Phalam, Toyam with Bhakti will do.
However, if one is offering their traditional meal to the lord prior to
their consumption (as a matter of thanksgiving and sanctification of food)
so that the meal becomes PRASADAM, then that is what they will
have to offer to God to be accurate! 
Somehow meat offering to God is not seen in any of the popular 
Hindu Temples. That is another tradition we have to take into account as well!

Thatis probably the reason that Gita does not outright condemn
consumption of meat. 

K. Sreekrishna