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From: Ramagopal V. Mudumbi (
Date: Wed Aug 16 1995 - 17:12:52 PDT

Hello to Bhakti mail group members:

Recently, by chance I happened to browse SriVaishava home page and immediately 
I contacted Mani to congratulate him and others, who spent quite number of 
hours to prepare that wonderful home page.  Mani informed me about this group 
and asked me to introduce myself to Bhakti netters.

Well, my name is Ramagopal Mudumbi.  I am from a Telugu SriVaishnava family.  
I spent half of my life (20 years) in Andhra Pradesh.  After completing my BS 
degree, I moved to Pondicherry to get a Masters degree in one of the medical 
subjects, Pharmacology.  Then, I moved up North to Chandigarh and received PhD 
in Cardiovascular Pharmacology. I came to US in 1984 and stayed for about 7 
years in North Carolina.  At present I am working in VA Medical Center, Boise, 
Idahao as a Pharmacologist.  My wife's name is Padma.  I have two sons: 
Krishna Chaitanya (13 yrs) and Praveen Chandra (10).  By Perumaal's Grace, 
although I can not read Tamil script, I am able to learn and recite few Divya 
Prabandhams (ThiruppallanNdu, Thiruvaimozhi, Thiruppavai, etc.) regularly and 
make my sons to recite Vishnusahasranamam and Venkateshwara Suprabhatam in 
weekends.  I am really excited to learn more about SriVaishnavam from you 

I have a small query:  This afternoon, while glancing this group's news, I 
noted couple of letters regarding Guru Parampara and read Mani's list posted 
on June 30th.  I am little confused about Mani's list and the one mentioned 
two slokas after "Lakshminaatha Samaarabham.......... vand guruparamparam".  
That is:
"Bootham Sarascha Mahadanvaya Bhattanaatha............PaRaamkusa munim 
PraNathosmi nityam".  I would appreciate it, if any body in the group 
rectifies my ignorance.

BTW, my tel.# Office: (208) 338-7250
                        Home: (208) 853-7508

Hoping to meet some of you, some where, in near future.