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Re Deepak Chopra
Date: Mon Aug 14 1995 - 08:34:00 PDT

Krishna said:

>>Has someone watched Deepak chopra's video (TV) programme - Body, Mind
>>and Soul - I think it is one of the most scientic explanations of eternality
>>of soul and similar issues. On the higher level he quotes a lot from
>>Adi Sankara. But Of course he does not go much into cosmology and tries to
>>be extremely catholic regarding ATman, or God.  But I feel for the
>>scientific community this seems to be a great explanation regarding anything
>>spiritual. It was aired on channel 21 a public broadcast tv station on
>>cable. This program and the books written by him is available in some stores
>>I guess. Next time you hear about it watch it. it may interest you,

Shrisha Rao said:

>>I think his program aired on PBS sometime, but I missed it. I have seen
>>his book in the local public library, though I was not interested enough to
>>read it. Have heard others discuss it, and they seemed to like it.

Yes, I have seen several of his books in the Walden Book Stores. I have even
purchased one of his books based on Ayur Veda (this book is quite good, 
matter is idfferent). Several of his books (may be all) have been #1NY Best
Sellers. He is Okay. His seven laws of success or something like that is the
present best seller. This is a quite small book. I have been reading it at the
local Walden Book Stores, while my children are playing in the Kay -B-Toy 
adjascent to it. It is hard for me to say who is having more fun!  Deepak 
to beat around the bush a lot (I must be right, because I am an expert in this
!!!). The day my kids come out empty hand from K-B toys, I will buy that 
Book of Deepak Chopra. 

Of all the #1 best sellers (of the past , present and may be future)  I like 
"Power of Myth" and other works of Joseph Campbell. I have his several Videos
(Power of Myth, Transformation of Myth through the Ages, etc.).  He is really
neat. I have not found a substitute for him yet in the Western press. I
certainly can not place Deepak Chopra's work at the same level.

 Every other #1 best seller (no insults intended), I can't even get past the
first few lines (That's how much they interest me). At least Deepak,  I can
glance through with some interest. In this superficial analysis, my feelings
about Deepak are  somewhere between  what is stated by  Mr. Krishna Prasad
and Mr. Shrisha Rao.

-K. Sreekrishna

PS: I strongly recommend works of D.V. Gundappa, for those who can read 
His Jeevana Dharma Yoga (Bhagavadgita) , Purusha Sukta, Samskriti and 
nambike  are great. Karnatak Govt. has initiated a project to publish his 
in 18 parts series. Two of them are out. Inexpensive and good quality print. 

I don't know how well this project is progressing beyond th efirst two