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Re Sri Vatsagothram (forwarding)
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Subj:	Sri Vatsa Gothram

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Subject: Sri Vatsa Gothram
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The question of multiple Rishis for some specific Gotram like Srivatsa gothram
arises from some one  (way back when)in the line having been Dwivedis. As you
might have heard , there have been villages in India, which had Dwivedis and
Trivedis. When there were Vedic Scholars conversant with the 4 Vedas in the
Village, that village was called Chaturveda Mangalam. My village near
Oppiliappan Koil was named Chaturveda Mangalam. Today, unfortunately, there are
2 or 3 families, none of whom have any connection with the Vedas.

Gothras closely connected with the Vedic Branch (Saka ) one follows.In the
Abhivadanam, there is a section that has passages like "Yajus Sakhaadhyaayi" and
"Apasthambha Sutra: " etc. All the 20 Gothras fit into one or other Vedas tha t
the family followed in the ancient past. Typically, you can trace the Vedas to
the area of India.For Instance, Yajur Veda was the dominating Veda in the
South(Todsy"s Telgu Desam and Tamilnadu). The Atharva Veda wa sin the Norht,
particularly in Himalayas. On oNe bank of Narmada was Rig Vedam and on the
opposite Bank was the group that  followed Sama Veda. I will give the details on
the prevalence of one or other Vedas in the different regions of India Later.
Even the occurence of special letters in the spoken language of the
regions(Example: ZH occuring in Tamizh, Aazhwaars) has been traced by linguists
to the dominance of one or the other Veda or its Sakhas. Adi sankara"s
establishment "s establishment of the 4 Mutts and assigning individual Vedas to
the 4 corners of India generally Fits in this scheme.He  assigned Yajur Vedam
and its Mahavakyam to Sringeri. Atarva to the Bdri Mutt (Jyothir Mutt); Sama
Veda to Mutt at Dwaraka associated with Krishna and the Rig Vedam to the Puri