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RE: SAma vEda
Date: Thu Aug 10 1995 - 14:12:34 PDT

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Subj:	RE: SAma vEda

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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 95 15:29:46 EDT
Subject: RE: SAma vEda

Hi! I am sure the idlis are gone by now, well our upakarma falls on the 
29th this month always comes with Ganesha Chathurthi (I must say almost)
well to be very frank I know very little about myself being a sAma Vedi 
except for the fact that I know I am one and after I really grew up
to realize I am one I have been out of home for almost 7 yrs now so ....
Strangely enough there have been very few sAma vedis especially among
SriVashnavas that a major reason that I got to know very little about it.
Every year we would go to ShankarMutt in Shankarpuram to have the upakarma
done and for that matter even my Upanayanam was done by a shastrigal and
my father said so was my seemantham!!. I was just wondering why so less
people were of that veda when it was considered so sreshta by the Lord