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Who is Vishwambhara??
Date: Wed Aug 09 1995 - 13:15:19 PDT

Sri Sadagopan had replied to my post a long time back. I'm rather late
in posting it. He had replied to my query as to whom the name
Vishwambharaa meant.

It is not clear whether you meant Viswambharaa or Viswambhara. The
first name stands for Bhoomi Devi(Reference: Sixth verse of SwamI Desikan
in Bhoostuti). That name means the one , who bears  the weight of the
Universe. By an extension, Viswambhara   means  the consort of Bhoomi
Devi known by the name of Viswambharaa fulfilling the same function..
Hence , latter is the  name for Vishnu. It is not often used. Even in
Vishnu Sahasra Namam, I do not recall this name being used.  Hence, I
conclude that You meant Viswambharaa to refer to Bhoomi Devi, whose
other names are Sarvam Sahaa(One who puts up with the offenses of her
children and .  forgives them), Achala( Steadfast in Saving Her
devotees), Vipula( Immeasurable) ,Vasundharaa( Goddess of incalculable wealth),

Having said that the name Viswambharaa exclusively refers to Bhoomi Devi,
I must also point out that Swami Desikan refers in passing to Sriman
Narayana as Viswambhara: ( Viswambharasya Dayita Asi Tadeka Namma).
He salutes here that Bhoomi Devi is the dear consort of the one, who
bears a matching  name with her.This is in the fifth sloka of Bhoostuti.
In the tenth sloka, He addresses her again as Visvambhare!

Please fell free to post this note on the Bhakti Net, since I forgot to format
it appropriately.