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mantras' associated devata...

From: Parthasarathy Ranganathan (
Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 12:23:42 PDT

-->> From Mon Aug  7 14:08:33 1995
-->> To:

-->> Every mantra has a Rishi,chandas and devata.  A mantra's power does not
-->> manifest itself appropriately if obeissance is not paid to Rishi, chandas
-->> and devata. this holds for gayatri mantra too.  the preceding mantras 
-->> are the ones which are dedicated for this purpose.

	What is the significance of associating chnadas, rishis and devatas
with the mantras?

-->> bhavanam" - pathanjali yoga sutra - w hich indicates japa means contemplating
-->> the meaning of the mantra in addition to repeating it many times.
	I can understand that.

-->> arjuna asks " what if one does a karma (like sandhyavandana) without paying
-->> attention to the krama (methodology) but if he is sincere?"  the answer
-->> to this indicates that this method only indicates a rajasic method and 
-->> sattvic method of performing a karma is only as dictated by the shastras i
-->> ie by preceding japa with appropriate mantras.  
	Could you explain this a little further.
-->> By the way,  one has to do agnikaryas - bramhacharis should do samita danam
-->> and grihastas should do - aupasana.  
	Again, can someone explain the significance of these actions?