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RE: Gothrams/Manjula"s questions on Details.
Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 08:44:24 PDT

I belong to Shatamarshana Gothram and my father K.S. Krishnatatachar wrote a
  book in Kannada (of course with Sanskrit and Tamil quotes) entitled
  Shatamarshanara Ajana Siddha Mahime in which he traces from Chatur Mukha
  Brahma down to himself the lineage which includes Natha Muni, Nambis,
  Yamuna Muni, Ramanuja Charya(nephew to our family tree) and so on. I will 
  an English translation of his book in the near future (I am doing this for
  my children's sake). Herein you will see the origin of the words Tatachar,
  Iyengar, Pushkarani in Tirumalai, Patrachar, Melkote-before it was raided
  by the Moslem chiefin and its reinstallation by Ramanuja etc. The
  information Mr. V. Sadagopan has given about Shatamarshana lineage matches
   perfectly  with the info in my dad's book.
  -K. Sreekrishna