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Elyavalli, Vagipuram

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Aug 05 1995 - 18:45:47 PDT

I have some connection to thedescendants of the above  two families at
1.My family was  a tenant , when I attended high school at Kumbakonam in the
House of Elayavalli Srinivasa Goplachar, the araadhakar at  the Desikan Sannidhi
at the Sarangapani(Araavamudhan) temple. The house is at 34, Karnakollai
Agraharam at Kumbakonam. Elayavalli Swami married into the Tatachar family of
Iyengar street . I think the  Famous intrepreter of Vedas and the authority on
the conductance of the Yagnas, Agnihotram Ramanuja Tatachar is the brother in
law of Elayavalli Swami, our Landlord at that ime. The descendants of the
Elayavalli swami  still live there or can be traced. The name of the sons are
Jagannathan and Uppili.

2.My next door Neighbor at my place of Birth(Oppiliappan Koil)  was Vangipuram
Navaneetham Krishnamachar Swami, a great Scholar and Acharya. His two sons were
Vangipuram Navaneetham Sri Rama Desikacchar and Seshadriacchar. V.N Sri Rama
desikaachar's scholarship on Swami Desikan's works is well known. His  son is my
classmate and he is now offering Thiruvai Mozhi Kainkaryam to Sri Oppiliappan
after retiring as an officer of the Indian Railway  service. His name is V.N.
Gopala Desikan. 

3. With our collective recollections, we can hopefiully trace back some of the
Descendants of the 74 Simhasanathipatis , who are still In India and are
continuing the traditions.


P.S: Many of you in the West Coast might have known DR.Y.T and his wife Mathuri.
YI worked at Stanford in the Material Scienc e Dept. He is a descendant of
Yamunaacharya and his house in Srirangam is known as the Mudal(First)
Thirumaalikai out of revenrence to that Family's illustrious contributions to
Srivaishnavism. YT Passed away few years ago.