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I am a new member

From: Manjula V Vangipuram (
Date: Wed Aug 02 1995 - 09:31:13 PDT

Hi everyone,
	I was told that I should briefly introduce myself to you
	all ... so I thought I should start right from the beginning.
	My name is Vangipuram Venkata Manjula in short MVV( my colleagues
	at work call me either MVV or Manju)

	I was born in India in Sept 1973, yeah I am getting old and will
	be 22 in about a month.(birthdate Sept 5,1973).  My family moved
	to Utah (where my dad did his Phd in Civil Engg before I was born)

	I come from a very orthodox SriVaishnava-Iyengar family.  We are all
	pure vegetarians though we have lived here for a long time.  None
	of us believe in smoking, or drinking.

	I am a very religious person, my major interests though very
	wide are : I love hiking, bike riding, water skiing, snow skiing (
	come from Utah one of the best places to ski.)I love reading
	philosophy, literature(favorite shakesphere's: King Lear and
	taming of the shrew), i love science fiction( favorite show
	STNG, and now slowly adapting to the vaoyager).  These are my interests
	what I like to do .. My love of the life is just sitting down, and 
	read bhagwad gita(i love to discuss it too), ramayana(in sanskrit)
	and every morning suprabhatam yeah yeah I am very old fashioned but
	thats me. "sometimes known as : paata chintakai pacchadi" if you know

	I am a Student in Computer Science my main interest is graphics
	and multimedia.. my favorite tool is to try and do some ray
	tracing code.  Member of the Siggraph in ACM.  That is about my

	Other than that.  I joined your group to find out as much as I can
	about being a Vaishnava, have heated arguments about what an
	Iyengar girl should and should not do.  

	You must want to know about my family background
	Well I am augirpalli I think thats how it is typed(never been there)
	but grandpa(my dad's dad) settled in Madras and lived there.

	We speak nothing but Telugu, though I want to learn my original
	mother tongue tamil.  My mom is from one of the famous Iyengar families
	the Kidambi's.  

	I don't know what else to say here .. also I am the youngest
	of three.  I have an older sister, and an older brother.
	Sister is married and brother had is upanayanam done very recently
	therefore in the learning phase of sandhya vandanam.

	Well thats about me .. Any questions?  please ask

	Manjula. V. Vangipuram


		Nannu palimpa nadachi vacchitiva
                 na prana natha .. nannu paalimpa ... 
		Hey lord rama.. have come walking to
		 protect me?
				-Tyagaraja wrote this when he
		finds Lord  Rama's idol in the sea.
     ___      ___      ___      ___      ___      ___      ___      ___
   (~._.~)  (~,_,~)  (~._.~)  (~,_,~)  (~._.~)  (~,_,~)  (~._.~)  (~,_,~)
   _{ Y }_  _{ Y }_  _{ Y }_  _{ Y }_  _{ Y }_  _{ Y }_  _{ Y }_  _{ Y }_
   (_)-(_)  (_)-(_)  (_)-(_)  (_)-(_)  (_)-(_)  (_)-(_)  (_)-(_)  (_)-(_)