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108 Divya Deshams book/ not-so-well-to-do-temples
Date: Wed Aug 02 1995 - 07:56:05 PDT

I think the proposed book is a good start, as it may rekindle interest in
setting the stage for a better care of the 108-Dds. Perhaps the book could
include a survey of the state of the Dds. This should also indicate the extent 
of work needed and how well the place is subscribed by the local residents.
Are they live or just decaying monuments? 

Perhaps KS can suggest the publishers of the book to include this information 
and thus enhance its utility. I have heard that the present Chief Minister of
Tamil Nadu is keen on restoration of religious places. To be really effective
projects like this should have the blessings of the pudaris (our humble and
modest politicians!) and the Pariahs (Sarkari Brahmins). The book also should 
stress the Alzhwaars ancestory as many of them were of under previlaged 
castes. Let us hope the Pudari-Pariah-Prapatti(net work) gets the job done.

Note:Tirumalai cash collections are approximately $60 million/year!
-K. Sreekrishna