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108 Dhivya DhEsam photo book

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 15:42:13 PDT

>From: (Ranga Satagopan)
>I write this with the greatest hesitation. I have the utmost respect for
>the intentions of the people who are bringing out this book, but I 
>cannot help wondering what useful purpose will be served by this effort.
>Considering that the number of copies being printed is only 1000, not many
>people can benefit, especially since quite a few copies will be
>earmarked for sponsors themselves. Wouldn't it be better if the money is just 
>spent on daily maintenance of not-so-well-to-do temples?
>Perhaps this is the actual intention, only it doesn't come through very
>clearly in the post.
>- Ranga
>Ranga Satagopan
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I agree. Every day I come across several "fund raisings". Then I
think the same way. Would it not be better if one does this for
the Cause X instead of Cause Y. There is no solution to this dilemna.

In my personal decision, I ask the question, "Should I support this or not?,
"If yes, then apply a fuzzy logic calculation to determine the amount
varying from $1 to ...."

Srinivasan K

P.S. I do not even know how good a job they are going to do. Just that
the person who approached me is quite genuine. I do not know all
the people involved.

I looked for good "coffee table books" in Madras Book stores. All I could find
was "Delhi". India, Bombay, etc.

There was one of "Splendeur of South India", which I bought.
which can somewhat approach a "coffee table book standard".
The cover has a Moslem style arcitecture photo. I think the photo is
from Karnataka. Some Gopurams are obscured inside the book.

There is a Book "Les Indes" published in France. The cover has a Madurai
Gopuram in fine color print detail. It is in our local library.
I thought a book like that might be available in Tamil Nadu.
Then talked to the people in TN Tourist office. They told me they are
prohibited by "law" to produce commercial books, even though they
often get enquiries like mine from Foreign tourists.

Just a Digression.