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108 Dhivya DhEsam photo book

From: Ranga Satagopan (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 12:48:29 PDT

> They intend bringing out a book with 108 color full page photos
> of the perumaaL at the 108 Divya Desams along with a selected
> paasuram on each and a brief note on each by Mr.T.P. Ramanujam,
> who was the author of the Tamil play Arpudhar Ramanujar,
> I talked about. They estimate the cost for 1000 copies at Rs.600 000.
> They would like to price it at a subsidized price of Rs. 150.
> Thus they are looking for a financial support.
> You may send your donation directly to
> Varaagi Printers, 13 Alwarpet Street, Madras 18, 600018 (Ph 454157).
> If you donate Rs.3500, they would list your name in the book as
> a sponsor of one of the divya desams and also send you three
> copies.
> Our group could jointly sponsor a couple of divya desams under the
> name of "Internet Discussion group on Sri Vaishnavism". Mani or I can co-ordinate the collection.

I write this with the greatest hesitation. I have the utmost respect for
the intentions of the people who are bringing out this book, but I 
cannot help wondering what useful purpose will be served by this effort.
Considering that the number of copies being printed is only 1000, not many
people can benefit, especially since quite a few copies will be
earmarked for sponsors themselves. Wouldn't it be better if the money is just 
spent on daily maintenance of not-so-well-to-do temples?

Perhaps this is the actual intention, only it doesn't come through very
clearly in the post.

- Ranga
Ranga Satagopan
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