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Report on the Completion of the First Phase of Nanadavana Kaimkaryam for Lord VaradarAjan of Kaanchipuram

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 13:24:39 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

AdiyEn's shaashtanga NamaskArams for all the BhagavathAs
who took part in the DAILY TuLasi and Pushpa mahA Kaimkaryam
for Hasthi GirIsan and Sri PerumdEvi ThAyAr.

With your participation , close to $1,150 was raised to
add to the core funds for this janma Saapalya Kaimkaryam .
Sri Diwakar Kannan has coordinated wellthe receipt of these funds 
and transmittal to the Parama Bhaagavathar , Sri VedAntha RaamAnuja
Swamy of Kaanchipuram , who supervises this daily Kaimakaryam 
for the Dhivya Dampathis from the special nandavanam within
the temple boundary .The amount of $1,150 raised will constitute 
approximately 12.5% of the Total core fund and it is our hope and
prayer that other BhakthAs from India and here would join
in this MahA Kaimkaryam . Please contact Sri Diwakar Kannan
if you still would like to join in this Kaimkaryam practised
by PeriyAzhwAr  and Thondardipodi AzhwAr for the Lord.

Yesterday , adiyEn was thrilled to recieve the Sandal 
powder prasAdham from the Thirumanjanam of PEraruLALa PerumaaL 
sent by Sri vedAntha RaamAnuja Swamy ." DaasOsmi , DhanyOsmi ,
AnugrhithOsmi " were the thoughts that came to adiyEn's  mind
immediately .

The next thought was about the 93rd slOkam of Sri VaradarAja
Sthavm of KoorEsar composed in front of the "KaNN Tarum PerumAL":

ayE ! DayALO ! Varadha ! KshamAnidhE !
  VisEshathO VisvajanIna ! Visvadha!
Hithaj~na! Sarvaj~na! Samagrasakthika!
  Prasahya maam prApaya DHASAYAMEVA thE 

(meaning): Oh The Embodiment of DayA ! PEraruLALA !
Oh the abode of Forbearance ! Oh Lord , who wishes 
nothing but auspiciousness to all of Your children !
Oh Bhagavan , who grants all the boons that Your 
children seek from You ! Oh Omniscinet Lord , who 
knows what is parama hitham for us ! Oh Varada Swamy !
Please save adiyEn from transgressions ( Bhagavath-
BhAgavatha and other asahyApachArams) and bless adiyEn 
with ONLY the Isvaryam of servitude (nithya DaasyamEva) 
at Your sacred Thiruvadi !

KoorEsar is praying here for Bhakthi-Poorvaka Kaimkarya
PrApthi . 

Sriman VedAntha RaamAnuja Swamy is one of those parama 
BhaagavathAs , who helped us recieve the anugraham of
Lord Varadhan , the Hithaj~nan . He involved us in this
once-in-a lifetime Kaimkaryam . We have to express our
Kruthaj~nAnusandhanam to this Swamy performing Nandavana
Kaimkaryam to the Dhivya Dampathis. He is also perfoming
similar Kaimkaryams to YEri-Kaattha Raaman at VakuLAraNya
KshEthram ( MadhurAnthakam , the Dhvyam ViLaintha Thiruppathi)
having the sambhandham of AchArya RaamAnujA ;furhter this swamy
is conducting Nandavana Kaimkaryam at Ponn ViLaintha KaLatthUr 
for Lord Kodhandha Raaman Sannidhi there.

Nandhavana Kaimkaryam at Sri VaradharAja perumAL Koil
For the past four years , the ladies of the Kaanchi agrahaaram
and the Aasthikaas are performing this Kaimkaryam. Every
morning , TuLasi for the Lord's ThiruvArAdhanam is collected 
in the most Vaidhika manner with the appropriate manthrams 
(TuLasi GrahaNa Manthrams) prescribed and presented to 
the Sannidhi for nithyArAdhanam . 

Pushpams from 20 kinds of fragrant flowering trees are
also collected for constructing garlands .Nearby , daily
Veda PaarAyaNam takes place to the east of the Sudarsana
AzhwAr Sannadhi , adjascent to the Nandavanam.Sri VedAntha
RaamAnuja Swamy points out that it is not an exaggeration
to think that the collected flowers take on the role
of manthra Pushpam with Veda Parimalam .Swamy wrote in his
personal letter to participants that the Lord Himself has
involved us to join His kaimkaryam ( Svasmai SvapreethyE 
SvayamEva Kaarayathi).

May many of you come forward and join in this TuLasi- Pushpa
kaimkaryam for the Lord and His Dhivya Mahishi saluted 
by the name of AnukampA !

Sri VaradarAja ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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