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Fwd: Thoopul Mandapa Kaimkaryam

From: Diwakar Kannan (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 11:47:49 PDT


Forwarded is a mail from Sri Lakshminarasimhan Srinivas about the
Thoopul Mandapa Kainkaryam.



Dear Bhagavathas

Here is a background of how the trust was formed. Smt. V.K. Santha is 
the trustee of thoopul right now. Here is a story on how she came
involved with the kaimkaryam of Thoopul. Smt. V.K. Santha was like any
other middle class housewife but really orthodox. Her husband belonged
to Navalpakkam and hence they observed acharams and anushtanams
sincerely. Once, this lady toured with some other Smartha families to
Kanchi. The Smartha families wanted to pay visit to Sri.
Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal (the previous pontiff who lived
till the age of 99). Hence they all stopped the van near Kanchi Sankara
mutt and went into the Mutt.  As our maami is acharam and a strict
Srivaishnava, she did not enter the Mutt and stayed outside the Mutt.

The devotees had darshan of the Periya Periyava (As he used to be 
called) and he talked with the devotees. They had informed that another
woman was with them and was waiting outside the Mutt because of being a

SriVaishnava. He immediately sent a Kainkarya Paral and summoned her
in. Our maami though not comfortable in going in thought that she
should not deny going in to the Mutt because the saint is still a saint
and higher soul indeed. Hence she went in and did pranams to the
Sankaracharya. He enquired about her and their family and where she is
from?. The maami replied that she belongs to Navalpakkam. After hearing
this, Sri. Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal did pranams and told
that "Navalpakkam is a village where many mahans lived" . Then the
Swamigal told her that the garudotsavam in Thoopul had stopped and he
has not had sevai of Deepaprakasar and Swami Desikan for some years
now.  He asked her to take this kaimkaryam of doing garudotsavam at
thoopul on SriVaikunta Ekadasi every year. This lady is a middle class
Iyengar living in W.Mambalam and her husband is retired from a Govt
She was worried about how to execute this wish but her efforts paid and
she got money from many people to build the corpus funds for the trust.
That is how Thoopul trust was started. Every year, thoopul garudotsavam
is being done in a grand manner due to the incident mentioned above.
Now as the corpus fund is sufficient for garudotsavam every year, the
trust did the kaimkaryam for pagal pathu, iraa pathu utsavam. Last
year, with the help of a few bhagavathas, A Tholu kinion with prabhai
was constructed by Thoopul Trust. Our Swami Desikan now travels in this
tholukinion for processions.

Now is the bigger kaimkaryam which Smt. V.K. Santha has undertaken (i.e

building a mandapam for thoopul). As you know the task is hilly and we 
need good support from all of you. She has got Srimukhams from Srimath 
Poundarikapuram Srimath Andavan, Srimath Srirangam Srimath Andavan , 
Srimath Azhagiyasingar and Sri. N. S. Ramanuja Thatachariar for this 
kaimkaryam. All these acharyas have blessed this kaimkaryam and hence,
adiyen requests you to participate in this kaimkaryam (8lakhs Indian
Rupees is the target) according to your shakti.

Please do visit for more details on 
this divya desam with pictures of Deepaprakasar. Please do also view
the for more details 
on thoopul kaimkaryam and donate according to your shakti.

If you are in USA, you can send the money payable to

Lakshmi N. Srinivasa
3 Old Towne Road, #212
Ayer, MA-01432.


Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan
Lakshminarasimhan S.

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