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From: Vinjamuri Srimahavishnu (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 00:52:39 PDT

Srimad Venkata Lakshmana Yativaraya Namah.
Sri Rukmini Sameta Sri Parthasarathy Swamine Namah.

Dear Sriman Reddy garu,

As I once wrote in the list, Goddess Lakshmi is  eternally with Sriman Narayana. in every kalpa, Lord takes the form of KsheerabdhinAtha  (Lord of pAla samudram) to rule the material
world. Then She incarnates to marry Him. According to Vishnu PurANa, She first incarnated as satI dEvI. She falls into the milky ocean out of Her own will when Her father Bhrugu curses Lord Vishnu to have bhAryA viyOgam or separation from His consort. this was because of Lord Vishnu's chakra killing Bhrugu's wife KhyAti, when she provided shelter to some demons chased by the chakra in her ASrama.

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>   Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 11:35:32 +1000
>   From: Reddy Induri <>
>Subject: Please clarify
>Namaste to all the Bhagavathas,
>I have a small doubt and I request learned Bhagavathas to clarify.
>I understand that Sri Maha Lakshmi appeared at the time of churning
>of the milky ocean and then married Lord Vishnu. Does this mean
>Lord Vishnu,  who is eternal is without the company of Sri Maha Lakshmi
>until that time.
>Please forgive my ignorance and request learned Bhagavathas to
>explain this mystery .
>namo narayana
>dasan, Guravareddy

Dear Sriman Venkatesh,

As you have said, only emberumAn can make up for the loss of a Parama Bhagavatottama like Sriman Gopalacharya swami. I was lucky to speak to this great scholar once in Sri Chinna Jeeyar Sanndihi. 

Swami is the true example of Sri GItAchArya's Srisookti:

"mahAtmAnstu mAm pArthah
daivIm prakrutimASritah
Bhajantyananya manasO
gnAtvA bhUtAdimavyayam"

For a great AchArya like Sriman Gopalacharya, leaving this earth will not make any difference, as he will be worshipping the same gOvindarAja in paramapadam with same level of devotion.

Vinjamuri Srimahavishnu

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>   Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 18:14:15 +0900
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>Subject: Re: srI T.A. gOpAlAchAr svAmi attained paramapadam
>Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
>It is indeed a great loss to the Srivaishnavite world. I wonder how 
>we are going to make up for these losses, or rather emperumAn Himself 
>is going to make up for these losses as we can do very little.
>Sri Gopalachariar swami was rather another incarnation of Sri 
>LakshamaNa with respect to his utmost devotion to his elder brother 
>Sri Krishnamachariar swami. Infact they are very famous in the 
>Srivaishnavite world as Kittan-Gopalan like Rama-Lakshmana. Never did 
>they live separately except for a year or so when Sri 
>Krishanamachariar swamy lived at Kanchipuram to get immersed in the 
>utsavams of Varamtharum PerumAl Sri dEvAdhi rAjan.
>He is so soft spoken that, once when I visited their thirumALigai at 
>Thirupathi (at about 2.00 PM), he answered me at the door and after 
>learning that I came to pay my obeisances to Sri Krishnamachariar 
>swamy, he went and started waking him up by calling him as "KittaNNA, 
>KittaNNA" in the most feeblest voice, that his brother should not 
>wake up suddenly. No exaggerations, dear members, truly, the way he 
>woke up his brother, was just like the way Lakshmana would have done 
>to his brother.
>As for his knowledge and adhikAram in the sampradhAyam, I think Sri 
>Varadhan has put it better. 
>"Vandhavar edhirkoLLa mAmaNi maNdapatthu, andhamil pErinbatthu 
>adiyarOdu" sErntha Gopalachariar thiruvadigaLE saraNam.
>AzhwAr emberumAnAr jeeyar thiruvadigaLE saraNam
>adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
>Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh
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