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Re: KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam :Part XX--> SlOkam 9

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 19:04:03 PDT

SrimathE raamAnujAya nama:

Dear Sri VaradarAja BhakthAs:

In the 8th SlOkam ,Kuresar declared that the Hasthi Giri
is the succour/refuge (Tanjam ) for us because it has 
the uncanny ability to reveal to every one that the Lord 
standing on top of it is the Supreme being .
In this Ninth slOkma , KurEsar hails the adhbutham
(wonder and mystery combined) of the Supreme One 
celebrated by the Vedhams , who becomes visible to 
our physical eyes (maamsa chakshus) at Hasthi Giri :

adhbhutham mahadh-aseemabhUmakam 
 kinchith-asthi kila vasthu nisthulam
ithyaghOshi yadhidham tadhagratha:
 taTyamEva KaridhAmni dhrusyathE

(Meaning): That Supreme One (ParamAthmA) is full of 
mysteries and is the loftiest One with limitless glories . 
This is the profound decalaration of the VedAs and Upanishads
to the world in a loud and clear manner. That Supreme Being 
is now seen right in front of our eyes readily with all
its natural and limitless auspicious attributes on top of 
the Hasthi Giri .

Mysterious indeed are the Sankalpam , Jn~Anam , Veeryam
and Sakthi of our Lord . Upanishads try hard to describe 
the mysteries of this MayOn and give up. There is no one
equal to Him or greater than Him . Prior to one's climbing
of the hill of Hasthi Giri, it is understandable that one 
can doubt about the success in comprehending this ParamAthmA
described as the mysterious , matchless sakala guNa ParipoorNan .
After the Sevai of Him even once on top of the Hasthi Giri,  
all these doubts are banished and one readily comprehends 
Him as the ParamAthmA celebrated by the Vedams with such
wonderous attributes.

KurEsar says that even today that Supreme Being ( Kinchidh Vasthu),
which is astonishing ( adhbhutham) , most lofty (Mahath) with
limitless glories ( aseema bhUmakam ) and matchless (nisthulam)
is visible to our physical eyes in all its true form on
top of the Hasthi Giri ( Yadhidham KaridhAmni agratha: 
taTTyam yEva dhrusyathE). The darsana soubhAgyam of That 
Supreme Being on top of the Hasthi Giri -- which protects all 
the worlds and their beings--makes it possible to grasp
the declarations and describtions of the VedAs and accept
that their eulogies are entirely True. 

The PramANams here are from Upanishads about the glories
of theParamAthmA(Lord DEvarAjan )are:

1. Na Tasya Kaaryam KaraNam cha vidhyathE
     na Tath SamascchAbhyadhikasccha dhrusyathe
   ParAsya Sakthi: Vividhaiva srUyathE
     svaabhaavakI Jn~Ana Bala kriyAscha
   --SvEthasvatAra Upanishad

(Meaning): There is no one, who is equal to Him or
Superior to Him. His Sanklapam , Kaaryam and His
limbs are not understood by us.He is the Lord of the Universe ,
Master of the Jeevans, Isvaran , Eternal , MangaLa Roopan
and is the abode of Jn~Anam and is the indweller of all Jeevans,
achEthanams and the refuge for all the world and its beings.
He is not only the indweller of the Jeevans but He is also
their Commander(antharyAmi and NiyanthA).

2. Sarvam Kalvidham Brahma !( This Supreme being is
the Kaarana Vasthu for the entire Prapancham through
His mysterious ways)..ChAndhOgyam 

3. Yassarvaj~na: Sarvavidh ( He is the Omniscient)
--MuNDaka Upanishad.

4. Sathyam Jn~Anam Anantham Brahma--TaittirIya Upanishad

5.apahathapApmA vijarO vimruthyu: visOka: vijigathsO 
  apipA Sa: SathyakAma: Sathya Sankalpa:/ ChaandhOgyam

(Meaning): He has no Paapams , aging , death , sorrow,
hunger and thirst ; He can gain whatever He wishes and is
fully capable of fulfilling His sankalpams .

6.Yasya SarvANi BhUthAni SarIram , Yasya pruthvI SarIram
--BruhadhAraNyaka Upanishad

(Meaning): For that ParamAthmA , all the Jeevans are 
the body ; For that ParamAthmA , the entire achEthana
universe is the body.

7. NithyO NithyAnAm ChEthanaschEthanAnAm 
   YEkO BahUnAm vidhadhAthi KaamAn--Upanishad

(Meaning ): He is the AathmA and Chaithanya SthAnam for
all the ChEthanams .He is the Only One ,who can grant
the highest of boons and fulfill the desires of all.
(Indeed He is the VaradarAjan).

8. Na Tasya Kascchith Pathirasya LOkE--SV. Upanishad

(Meaning): There is no one , who is Lord to Him.
He is the Lord of all gods and nithya sooris .
He is indeed the " ayarvaRum AmararkaL Adhipathi 
yavanavan".He is the DEvarAja PerumAL on top of 
Hasthi Giri ,who is the Lord of the Nithya Sooris 
and DEvAs of unfailing Jn~Anam.


Swamy KoorEsar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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