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Re: Fwd: Article from The Hindu: How Sanskrit should be taught?

From: Ram Chandran (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 05:10:33 PDT


I have received several emails asking me to provide homepages related 
to Sanskrit Resources.  Here are some. Please note that this is by no 
means a complete list. Other knowledgeable members may be able to  add 
more sites with the appropriate information.  Such information has 
potentials for motivating the list members to learn Sanskrit. Most 
important, the members may be able to focus more attention to their 
children and facilitate them learning the Divine Language. Educating 
our children on our scriptures, our language and culture can bring 
long and sustaining dividend for many more generations. It is our 
duty to help our children to register in their mind the virtues and 
values of our traditions and beliefs at an early age. The very first 
step is to teach Sanskrit which will bring peace of mind, unity and 
help to sustain our culture and traditions.

Warmest regards,

Harih Om!

Ram Chandran

Samskrita Bharathi Homepage

Sanskrit-related Online Resources
Sanskrit Homepage

On Line Sanskrit Dictionary:

Sanskrit Goodies

A number of other useful links related to Sanskrit literature are 
available at:

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