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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 11:26:29 PDT

-- In bhakti-list@y..., Mani Varadarajan <mani@a...> wrote:

> Please -- if you hear a rumor, don't believe it unless it
> is verified either first-hand or by *unbiased*, authoritative
> sources.  At the very least, do not propagate such nonsense
> on this list.
> Thanks,
> Mani

I agree with Sriman Mani totally.

Whether it is temple affairs/incidents in SanFrancisco, Simhapuri, 
SriRangam or Sydney, it is the local people who will know the truth.


Lakshmana dAsan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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