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From: Srivatsa Kadambi (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 08:16:49 PDT

|| Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha ||
|| Om namo bhagavathe vAsudhevAya ||

Dear Bhaktas,
Last evening, I went home as usual around 7ish tired.
While casually(lazily) surfing the TV channels. The
Discovery channel caught my attention. It was a
program - collection of stories about doom of the
universe from various religions. I waited curiously to
know what might they say about our version. Finally
they did talk about it (“Hindus believe that..”) To my
surprise, they never mentioned the word ‘pralaya’ they
mentioned about Brahma Vishnu and Shiva. Also they
pictured a Brahmin look alike playing with few
circular blocks of differet sizes to form pyramids. 
The depiction was very vague and short. I felt it was
not fair to attempt on such a strong topic without
much information about it. 
Not just this, few days back, I saw National
Geographic Society talking about ‘spirituality in
India’ and they were showing some fair held in a south
Indian village, the kind where you see stuff like
people piercing their tongue. 
I agree that these are seen in India but they are not
just that. Feel free to disagree with me. Can we do
something to bring better awareness about these? Or
should we answer the the question "Is it worth it?"
before. I guess you got adiens’ point of concern.
dAsan Srivatsa

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