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This is an interesting book review on Visishtadvaita Philosophy and 
will be of interest to the list members. Enjoy! 

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Articles on Visishtadvaita

SATABHISHEKA RATNAMALA: Pub. by Srimad Andavan Sri 
Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam, 43-A/13, Asram Road, Srirangam- 

Rs.100.THE BOOK under review was published as a souvenir on the 
occasion of the Satabhishekam (80th birthday) of Sri Gopala Maha 
Desikan, also known as Sri Paravakottai Swami, of Sri 
Poundarigapuram Ashram. 

He belongs to the Acharyas of the Munithraya sect of the 
Srivaishnava tradition, which is an offshoot of the Srirangam 
Srimad Andavan Ashram. 

The book is a treasure house of Visishtadvaita philosophy 
comprising essays contributed by acknowledged authorities in the 

The book begins with the benediction and pearls of wisdom of the 
pontiff. Photographs and rare portraits enhance the book.

 The articles of Srimad Azhagiya Singar of Ahobila Math and 
Srimad Rangapriya Swami contain profound and rare thoughts. 

Sri N.S.Ramanuja Thathacharya Swami's essay explains the 
Brahmasutras of Vyasa with simplicity. 

The life of sages and the similarity between the philosophies of 
the Tamil and the Sanskrit traditions have been pithily explained 
by Sri U.V.Purisai Swami and Dr. Ananthanarasimhachariar 

An informative article on Thirukudanthai Desikan, meaning of 
"Tattvamasi" by Sri Navalpakkam Varadachariar and the glory of 
Sakkarathazhwar by Sri Koshtipuram Swami add to the wealth of 
information in this volume. 

The significance of customs and rituals has been clearly spelt 
out by Sri Yagnavaraha Thathachariar. 

Sri Kothimangalam Gopalachakravarthiar has expounded on 
"Archavatharavaibhavam". Sri V.S.Karunakaran has given the 
quintessence of the Sri Bhashya. Other scholars have dealt with 
more than 40 subjects lucidly. 

The gist of many of the important essays has been given in 
English and a comprehensive essay in Kannada included for the 
benefit of those who do not know Tamil. 

The poems written by Sri Paravakottai Swami and the accounts of 
the experience of those who have closely moved with him overwhelm 
the reader. 
The inclusion of Sri Thirukudanthai Desikan's monumental work, 
"Srivathihamsambudacharya Stotra", which has not been printed so 
far adds to the value of the book. 

The research article on the Taittiriya Upanishad by Dr. 
Anatharangachariar in English will be useful. Sri Narayana 
Hiruthayam and Sri Lakshmi Hiruthayam from the Uttara Kanda of 
Atharvanarahasya, included here must be learnt from preceptors to 
benefit from them. 

A supplement is also given along with the book containing few 

The compiler of this volume Sri D.Rajagopalachariar and Sri V.N. 
Vedantadesikachariar who saw it through the press deserve all 
praise and gratitude for the neat get-up. 


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