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Re: srI T.A. gOpAlAchAr svAmi attained paramapadam
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 02:14:15 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

It is indeed a great loss to the Srivaishnavite world. I wonder how 
we are going to make up for these losses, or rather emperumAn Himself 
is going to make up for these losses as we can do very little.

Sri Gopalachariar swami was rather another incarnation of Sri 
LakshamaNa with respect to his utmost devotion to his elder brother 
Sri Krishnamachariar swami. Infact they are very famous in the 
Srivaishnavite world as Kittan-Gopalan like Rama-Lakshmana. Never did 
they live separately except for a year or so when Sri 
Krishanamachariar swamy lived at Kanchipuram to get immersed in the 
utsavams of Varamtharum PerumAl Sri dEvAdhi rAjan.

He is so soft spoken that, once when I visited their thirumALigai at 
Thirupathi (at about 2.00 PM), he answered me at the door and after 
learning that I came to pay my obeisances to Sri Krishnamachariar 
swamy, he went and started waking him up by calling him as "KittaNNA, 
KittaNNA" in the most feeblest voice, that his brother should not 
wake up suddenly. No exaggerations, dear members, truly, the way he 
woke up his brother, was just like the way Lakshmana would have done 
to his brother.

As for his knowledge and adhikAram in the sampradhAyam, I think Sri 
Varadhan has put it better. 

"Vandhavar edhirkoLLa mAmaNi maNdapatthu, andhamil pErinbatthu 
adiyarOdu" sErntha Gopalachariar thiruvadigaLE saraNam.

AzhwAr emberumAnAr jeeyar thiruvadigaLE saraNam

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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Subject: srI T.A. gOpAlAchAr svAmi attained paramapadam

srImathE rAmanujAya namah

dear bhAgavathAs,

Many of us have been fortunate enough to know about
the great scholar and srIvaishNava, 
srI. T.A. gOpAlAchAr svAmi. The Lord took this great 
soul to paramapadam yesterday, (August 25th, 
around 11:00 PM)

At this time, all we can do is remember the greatness
of this svAmi, and try to follow atleast some of what
he stood for.

srI gOpAlAchAr swami was the younger brother of srI.
T.A. KrishNamAchAr svAmi. both of them are very
learned scholars in ubhaya vEdAnta, with special
emphasis on nyAya sAstra from a sanskrit perspective.

They have performed kainkaryam to the Lord of 
thirupathi, and the Lord of thirumala unceasingly 
for the past 60 years. They lived in thirupathi, 
and were a part  of every occasion in the temple(s),
 from nitya ArAdhanam to all utsavams.  

More importantly, both of them were great teachers to
the srIvaishNava community at large. srI.
svAmi and srI gOpAlAchAr svAmi are/were the ultimate
authority when it comes to ubhaya vEdAnta
for most scholars of today. Most of the learned
scholars of today, when they have a doubt/need 
clarification approach(ed) srI. krishNamAchAr 
svAmi/srI. gOpAlAchAr svami for clarification.

srI. gOpAlAchAr svAmi led a life that embodies what
our pUrvAchAryAs have preached. He (and his brother)
was the picture of simplicity. Both of them would not
accept any kind of monetary/material respect, 
irrespective of how large/small it was, of for
whatever reason it was offered. Even if it was offered
for some kainkaryam, the answer would come
pat "nIyE paNNu - enga kitta paNam koNdu varAda -
appadi paNam koNdu vandhA inga varAdha" {You yourself
do the kainkaryam - do not bring money to us - if 
you bring money, then do not come here}. 

In a world, where everyone needs money in some 
form or the other for whatever reason, srI.
gOpAlAchAr svAmi and srI. krishNamAchAr svAmi are
one of the very few people that followed the words
of our pUrvAchAryAs in true spirit.

srI. gOpAlAchAr svAmi's speciality was the nAlAyira
divya prabhandham, and its vyAkhyAnams. TTD recently
released the nAlAyiram tapes of srI. gOpAlAchAr
svAmi as part of their scriptures recording project.
This has around 50 tapes, with the divya prabhandham
recited (sung), in the traditional manner as it is
recited in thirumala during utsavams.

Both the brothers were AchAryAs. Since
srI krishNamAchAr swami is the elder brother, 
srI gOpAlAchAr svami did not take up performing
samAsrayaNam to shisyAs. His devotion to his 
brother is legendary. His bhakti/respect for 
his brother was so  high, that he would not 
even speak in the presence of srI. krishNamAchAr 
svami until asked by svAmi to do so. 

Such a great soul attained paramapadam yesterday,
leaving behind a darker world for the rest of us.
We can for the moment derive some consolation in
that srI. krishNamAchAr svAmi is still with us,
willing, as always, in the true spirit of rAmAnujA's
sampradAya (paar ulagil aasai udayOrkku ellAm
aariyargaL koorum enRu) to teach to all those 
who want to learn.

The rites are being conducted in thirupathi.

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan,

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