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Re: Vinayaka Posed as Lord Krishna

From: VedAntam S. Ayyangar (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 23:20:22 PDT


Dear BhAgavathAs,
AdiyEn's 2 cents' worth on this topic. It would be out of pure enthusiasm 
and ignorance of the nature of God (all other than Sriyafpati Sriman 
NArAyana is 'god'), that this would have happened. As a good Sri Vaishnava 
one should thank our AchAryas, our parents and the Divya Dhampatis for 
having kept us out of this 'ganam' and its 'pati'. Such incidents abound in 
this world and will consume our everything if we spend our life time on 
this. So these are best ignored.

There are problems nearer home. For starters, are you aware of the treatment 
meted out to our AchArya SArvabhowman Vishnu GhantAvatAram VenkatanAthan 
Swami NigamAntha MahA DEsikan? A few so called 'vaishnavas' and 'iyengars' 
(here one is not sure what five angams we refer to!), wear their 
yangjyopavItam around their ear (like when one visits a souchAlay) when 
accepting SatAri and ThIrtam at SwAmi's Sannidhi at the holiest of holy 
places for a Sri Vaishnavan i.e, SriRangam.

Now how will you condemn this? The best method would be to pray to the Divya 
Dhampati at Srirangam to change the outlook of these souls. When correcting 
self (AdiyEn that is) is in itself a life time job and continues till rigor 
mortis sets in, where is the time for all these distractions.

On a lighter note: AdiyEN would even salute this sculpter who showed that 
god VinAyaka (jeevan) & its idol (achEtana) is pervaded by Vishnu 
(ParamAtman Sriman NArAyana). Please don't miscontrue that AdiyEn subscribes 
to the theory that implores people to worship any and every god (read 
jeevan) because it is pervaded by Vishnu or theories that deviate from the 
way recommended by AlwArs and AchArya and the pratamAcharyan or propounded 
by individualistic ideas that 'sound' very logical

VedAntam SrinivAsarAghavan Ayyangar

Purpose of life is transform your ability to experience living, so that the 
situation you have been 'trying to change' or have been 'putting up with' 
will clear in the process of life itself :o)

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From: alwarraj alwar <>
To: Ramesh Narasimhan <>,
Subject: Re: Vinayaka Posed as Lord Krishna
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 06:39:25 -0700 (PDT)

Srimate Ramanujaya Namaha !
Srila Prabhupad ki jai !
HH Narayana Yathindram saranam prapadye !

Dear Shriman Ramesh Narasimhan,

Please accept my dandavats !

I share your concern in this regard. For all that we
boast of India being spiritual country, "anartha"s
like this do keep happening every now and then
......Only, the other  day I was coming across "Kargil
Vinayagar" ..vinayaga posed atop a canon. Siva
Parvathhi concepts are all coming dime
a dozen @ the  drop of hat.

But, this miscreant attitude toward Lord Krishna is
surely to be severely condemned.

I join you in requesting all Vaishnavas to object to
such an offense.

An Insignificant Soul,

--- Ramesh Narasimhan <> wrote:
 > Dear Bakthas
 > I got this from I was shocked to
 > see a picture of Lord Vinayaka posed as Lord Krishna
 > with flute and cow. I suggest that Sri Vaishnava
 > Bhaktas should object this and send thier comments.
 > The Web site address is
 > Adiyan
 > Ramesh Narasimhan

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