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saptAsyA san paridayah trisaptah samidhah krtAh |
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 21:20:55 PDT

Sriman Srivatsan Kadambi asked the meaning of 
>>saptAsyA san paridayah  trisaptah samidhah krtAh |<<

As per Dr.  D.V. Gundappa' (a well known Kannada scholar),  it means

 (In this yagna, purusha was bound by as the sacrificial beast)
 with the seven enclosing sticks and (yagna performed with) 21 samits (fuel 

The seven enclosing sticks refer to the panca bhUtams- five elements (Earth, 
Water, Fire, Wind, and Space), plus day and plus night. Twenty one samits 
refer to the 
five jnAnEndriyams-sense organs (eye, nose, taste, ear and skin),
plus panca vAyus-vital breaths (prANa, apAna, vyAna, udAna and samAna),
plus 5 karmEndriyams -organs of work (hands, legs, genitals, and two 
excretory organs) plus 4 antakaraNams-feelings of the mind (don't know 
specific names),
plus dharma and adharma.
Interestingly, we  lead our life yagna within  these very same 7 outer  
limits and  21 inner means.


Koti Sreekrishna Tatachar

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